Preview Pics From "Busted!"
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Foxy Smuggler Tara is trying to blend in at a crowded hotel during "Fetish Con". She and her gang are trying to use the convention as cover while she makes a pickup!
It's all going according to plan, she find's the stash right where it's supposed to be....
But the baddie's plan always derails in this type of movie! And in this one, it goes off the tracks when blonde hottie "Vanilla Dukes" bursts in and catches the slick smuggler red handed.
"How do you want to do this Bitch?" says the unrepentant villainess.... She's caught but she's not going downtown quietly! The confident criminal is willing to slug it out to escape the clutches of the law!
"Vanilla Dukes" is like our own version of "Police Woman". Shunning guns for Gutbusting Punches when taking a woman in the line of duty.... Especially an arrogant slut like Tara!
The cop and the thug grapple and slug away for a minute, and Mrs. Dukes soon realizes that her adversary is just a tough talking jellybelly!
"Stop hitting me in the face you bitch, I'm a MODEL....!" gasps Tara during the opening exchange of the slugfest. Even though she know's Tara only has one more photo shoot scheduled for about 10 years, Vanilla Dukes is only too happy to oblige. She sends her fists thudding deep into Tara's soft belly!
When you've lived on the offense like Tara has, it's only natural to think offense is the best defense,... But now that she's met her match all it gets her is the frustration of a blocked punch and then another withering punch right where she can't take it!
With her counter attacks not working, Tara begins to try to protect her vulnerable belly, but Mrs. Dukes just brushes her arms aside and drills the villainess's belly again and again!
As the grinding assault wears away the last of the villainess's fading strength, she is stripped of any defense and absorbs fist after fist in her vanquished body!
Looks like it's almost Miller Time for Vanilla Dukes! The villainess heaves and sways ever closer to total defeat like a crackhouse after a fight with the Wrecking Ball!!!
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